Invamed Premium Delivery Handover Form

Thank you for purchasing your new Invamed product. We hope it will meet with all of your mobility requirements.
This form is confirmation that the following has been explained to you during the product handover appointment –

1. The product has been inspected by you and a member of our Product Support Team. This is to ensure you are 100% satisfied that the product has no damage.
2. You were shown how to use the product, including key features such as turning the product on and how to use the controls.
3. You were offered the opportunity to drive your product with one of our Team in attendance to give advice on how to use it.
4. A member of our Team demonstrated how to charge your product and handed over an information sheet outlining the frequency on when and how to charge your product.

Please sign that the above has been carried out and that everything has been explained to you thoroughly and that you are completely satisfied.
I can confirm that I have understood all the information presented to me and that the product I have received is in full working order.
Countersigned by a member of the Invamed Product Support Team.