Disability VAT Exemption Form

Please compete the form to be excluded from paying VAT on any goods for sale on this website.

If you’re disabled or have a long-term illness, you will not be charged VAT on products designed or adapted for your own personal or domestic use. Also, you will not be charged VAT on:

Mobility scooters or invalid carriages, which may or may not be mechanically propelled, and are constructed for the carriage of disabled persons suffering from physical disability.

Mobility scooters fall within 3 categories:

  • class 1 – an invalid carriage which is not mechanically propelled, to all intents and purposes, a wheelchair, it is not constructed or adapted for use on the road
  • class 2 – a mechanically propelled carriage which is so constructed or adapted not to exceed 4 miles per hour (mph), it’s intended for use on the pavement and not for use on the road
  • class 3 – a mechanically propelled carriage which is constructed and adapted for use on the pavement and on the road, it’s capable of exceeding a speed of 4mph but incapable of exceeding a speed of 8mph

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By submitting this form, I declare that I am chronically sick or disabled and that I am receiving from Roma Medical Aids Ltd, Bridgend, personal mobility goods, which are being supplied to me for personal use.

I claim that the supply of these goods is eligible for relief from Value Added Tax under group 14 of the Zero Rate Schedule to the Value Added Tax Act 1983.